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Working part-time in addition to your normal employment or studies is one of the most obvious ways to get more money. People working 9-to-5 can just about stomach an extra 20 hours a week, at least over a short period. If your employer is happy for you to do a these hours, evenings and weekends, for someone else, give it a try. Legally, he may have grounds to dismiss you for breach of contract, so tread carefully and get permission first. Be tactful and choose the right time and the right boss. Useful phrases may include "Being strapped for cash" or "Struggling with bills" followed by "A friend of mine has asked if I could help out for a few hours at weekends". You might get a sympathetic pay rise off him if you do it TOO well. We suggest that you choose an occupation unrelated to the business of your main employer so that they have less reason to get their knickers in a twist. Obviously, your decision will be entirely personal, as we all have different personal commitments and part-time opportunities. If unsure, seek professional legal advice. The Citizens Advice Bureaux are friendly (and free) and would be a useful first contact. Please refer to our Contacts page for links to the CAB and other organisations.

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