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Saving Money

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Help for Students.

This our page where we discuss the basics of avoiding student debt. In the meantime, the extracted news archive article is included.

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Financial Facts for Students

(Monday 11th August 2003)

For those of us likely to become university students soon, money issues are likely to be a dominant feature of their new life. Spending on accommodation, books, travel and entertainment is sure to swallow all of the £4,930 a year student loan, in fact the National Union of Students report that 9 out of 10 students have to work to supplement their loan.

The NUS suggest that students try to fit-in working outside their busiest studying periods and to consider the balancing act between work and studies so that neither is compromised. They also suggest writing down your essential expenditure each month, on things like food, bills, travelling costs, and then dividing what's left over into weeks to help you control daily spending. Choose your bank carefully too, say the NUS, and find out what the deal is for repaying that interest-free student overdraft because you may end up with a huge interest rate once you leave college.

Check that you have applied for everything that you are entitled to. The Student Union will have expert advisors available who can tell you whether you are eligible.

Other sources of income can be found. Try the following contacts:
NUS, 020 7272 8900 or,
Educational Grants Advisory Service, 020 7254 6251 or,
Scholarship Search UK at

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