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Page 24: Addictions: Drugs.

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Illegal Substances

Money Surgery is aware of the debate regarding the relaxation, or otherwise of our laws banning the use of "soft" drugs, however, our position is clear: The use of soft or hard drugs is not compatible with debt reduction and saving money. We are not saying this because they happen to be illegal. We believe it, totally. To fund a habit, users often go to ANY lengths to get the money, so its use is not exactly compatible with our philosophy. Money Surgery cannot help anyone who uses drugs for leisure or because they are addicted, whether they are in debt or not. However we do have a Contacts page where you may find help. Its down to you.

Remember the words from The Verve, "The drugs don't work, they just make it worse..."

Mental Vacations?

It's just occurred to one of our surgeons that taking drugs, aside from the legality issues, is like taking a holiday or vacation from reality. It is like taking a physical holiday in that, by using drugs, we distract ourselves from our worries and responsibilities for a limited period of time before returning back home to reality to find that nothing's changed. The debts have just piled up a little bit more, like letters behind the front door when you get back from a holiday.

Take a holiday, take drugs, get drunk and you make debts worse. Start making your debts "better" by facing them and eliminating them, using all of you're inner strength and by following a few Money Surgery suggestions. Then take a holiday and have a few beers as a reward, if you like.

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