Money Surgery.

X-Ray Results...X-Ray Results...

Did we get your good side?

Score:-520 to -400

According to your X-Ray, you are financially clinically dead. And a dead old bird at that.
At the Surgery we were wondering how you managed to tot up such a negative score when you're still so young. We tried to resuscitate your piggy bank but... You live fast and you may well have died young. Hang on. I feel a pulse. It's very faint...

Please read on.

There IS hope. YOU can come back. You may be a pheonix from the flames. Its just an out-of-body experience. However, the way you are living is dangerous and unhealthy. What if the worst happened and you suddenly had no income? You are so reckless that IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE you could make the most dramatic of turnarounds. You are in dire straits, financially, but you have the capability to save so much of your money by altering your lifestyle a little. We are here to assist you. Start with Our Philosophy, then through Saving Money and Getting Money, winding up at the Contacts page.


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