Money Surgery.

X-Ray Results...X-Ray Results...

Did we get your good side?

Score:-400 to -300

Oh dear. Oh dear me.
We never admit de-feet but you really aren't very healthy. We'll try not to step on your feelings but would you mind donating your wallet to medical science?
Sorry, please don't leave the surgery. Please sit back down, again. Take the weight of your poor feet.
Thats better. I was being far too cruel but you are living too close to the edge. That's where we can come in. We would LOVE to help you get fitter and healthier, financially. One of the first things I would examine is your lifestyle and the way that you spend your money. You may be on a downward spiral but THERE IS a solution and its not Jesus...necessarily...although any help on offer shouldn't be refused.

Please read on.

We hope that by filling out the questionnaire it made you analyse the way that you deal with your cash. That process of analysing everything we spend is central to the Money Surgery system of recovery. Start with Our Philosophy, then through Saving Money and Getting Money, winding up at the Contacts page.
Hopefully we will assist in you making the change from spender to saver. Please let us know on our Feedback page.

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