Money Surgery.

X-Ray Results...X-Ray Results...

Did we get your good side?

Score:-300 to -200

Your score was just below average. And your knees are knot likely to win any beauty contests.
Your attitude towards money is quite normal actually. You have applied the Archimedes principle to your spending: What goes in... must come out. You are happily living your life like most of the population. However, the danger signs are there. Any unexpected change could upset the applecart and let that devil Debt stroll into your life and knee you where it hurts - in the wallet. And he really isn't a pleasant chap.
Why don't YOU "be a devil" and start to prepare for the worst: either by saving a regular amount each month or, better still, by reducing those niggling little debts that are SO irritating.

Please read on.

Seriously though, we really DO want to help. You are just the patient we had in mind. We hope that by filling out the questionnaire it made you analyse the way that you spend your money. That process of analysing everything we spend is central to the Money Surgery system of recovery. You have to watch EVERY penny. Put your psyche into SURVIVAL mode. Please have a look at our Money Controller on the Our Philosophy page. If you take a few minutes to read a few of our pages you might decide that they are interesting. If we can help just one person be rid of debts, it will all be worth it. Please let me know how you got on. Let us know on our Feedback page. I hope you "Get Well Soon"!
Money Surgery will be here 24/7, if you knee-d us.

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