Money Surgery.

X-Ray Results...X-Ray Results...

Did we get your good side?

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Your X-Ray focussed on your torso and revealed some areas of concern...
Do you spend with your heart, or you as tight as a smoker's chest?
At the Surgery, we believe in moderation at all times, even when you have savings and can afford such a vibrant lifestyle, but our FRIENDLY message is to do whatever YOU want to do WHEN YOU CAN AFFORD TO DO IT. When you have other responsibilities, you have to take stock and reorganise your spending.

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We hope that by filling out the questionnaire it made you analyse the way that you spend your money. That process of analysing everything we spend is central to the Money Surgery system of recovery. If you take a few minutes to read a few of our pages you might decide that they are interesting. If we can help just one person be rid of debts, it will all be worth it. Please let me know how you got on. Let us know on our Feedback page. I hope you can come back again for another x-ray after testing out any of our Money Surgery suggestions. Maybe your treasure chest will begin to pile-up.

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