Money Surgery.

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Did we get your good side?

Score:-100 to Zero

Strong but delicate hands, effective at grabbing a bargain. An average result...very sensible on the whole but with room for improvement?
You have little scope for saving and recovery given your present lifestyle and spending habits but a change here and there, followed by a reappraisal later would allow you to have more money available to combat the onset of debt. Get tight, get fit. Don't let your fitness levels drop and your wrists to become limp. And don't let your precious cash go anywhere else but on YOU and YOUR future and YOUR security.
Do that...and make my day!

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We hope that by filling out the questionnaire it made you analyse the way that you spend your money. That process of analysing everything we spend is central to the Money Surgery system of recovery. If you take a few minutes to read a few of our pages you might decide that they could be useful. You never know. If we can help just one person be rid of debts, it will all be worth it. Please let us know how you get on via our Feedback page. You aren't bad but you know you can be good. VERY good.

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