Money Surgery.

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Did we get your good side?

Score: +100 to +200

You are a fine specimen of a patient.
Meticulous attention to detail is paying off handsomely, as exemplified by your manicured limbs. Most of the posters and leaflets in the Money Surgery waiting room appear to have been read by you. In fact your score suggests that some may be by your hand. You hate losing money, wasting money and trusting others with your money. The philosophy that you use with your money has expanded into your life, generally. You use up ALL the toothpaste in the tube, eat up ALL the food on your plate, and you not only actually READ your bank statements, you tick off each transaction against your card receipts. You buy things that are nice, yes, but they will last, they are good quality. You invest carefully in solid performers but spread you investments for maximum security.

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Perhaps you could hand-on a few tips. All suggestions welcome! We might still be able to provide YOU with some extra tips with a few laughs along the way. We might strike a chord with your obvious interest in personal finance. Remember that you can quickly lose your fitness and that spending is the easiest most addictive thing known to man (and woman).

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We believe that the Money Surgery philosophy is unique and our views quirky and interesting. Please have a look at our sections, in colour, on the left of the pages. You might find the section Future Dreams particularly handy.
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