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You are in perfect financial health. You regard beating debt and acquiring a small personal fortune as the ultimate mental challenge.
At the Surgery we yearn for patients like you. The opportunity to work with such wholesome, astute subjects are pretty rare. Thank you for visiting our site and allowing us to check what's between your ears.

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Seriously, we would really appreciate your comments on our Feedback page. How did you get to be so clued up? You may have some suggestions for our site or some moans, dare I say. We might still be able to provide YOU with some extra tips with a few laughs along the way. We might strike a chord with your obvious interest in personal finance.

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We believe that the Money Surgery Philosophy is unique and our views quirky and interesting. Please have a look at our sections, in colour, on the left of the pages. You might find the section Future Dreams of particular interest.

Well done...that really was an awesome score.

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