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Page 6: Living: Hair Cuts.

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Alternatives to paying to have your hair cut can be disastrous. Having your mum cut your hair until you are thirty-five usually doesn't do you any favours, socially. Many styles especially those favoured by women require specialist equipment, techniques and experience of-course, so can be difficult and questionable to cut costs on. But for lots of male men there is an alternative.

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Does your barber clip your hair? Are you tired of your bouffant lowlights? Are you fed up of your hair and just wanna clip it all off for the summer?

If you answered YES to any of the above, major savings can be made by buying clippers and doing it yourself. Better still, why not get someone trustworthy to do it for you? Some patients at the Surgery report that it takes about 10 minutes to do it yourself and surprisingly good results can be achieved. The vacuum can take care of the cut offs as long as you stay off carpetted flooring. The learning curve is short and you don't need lots of mirrors. Excellent hair clipper packs can be bought from places like Argos for under £10, which is about the price of the average hair cut.

Check out how much you can save...

Haircut Cost Calculator:

Over what term do you want the savings calculation to cover?

How often do you visit the barbers?

How much does each cut cost on average?

What is the cost of the clippers you intend to buy?

Hit the button below to see how much you saved, then visit Argos!


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