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Page 7: Living: Charitable Giving.

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Charitable giving is a term that has been used a lot lately. Many of us have been compelled to help the communities hit by the asian tsunami and a lot of financial papers and websites discuss the virtues of charitable giving under current tax legislation. If you have a particular favourite charity, you can support it by donating a small percentage of your salary to which the government will add a little extra. Fantastic. You are actually making the government support your favourite charity.

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As far as Money Surgery is concerned, a generous attitude is not appropriate when fighting against debts. "Yes, I'll give a fiver to the homeless." If you carry on with that attitude, YOU will be homeless. We are deadly serious. By all means support all the causes that inspire you. But only when it is YOUR money and not borrowed money. Pay off those debts first, then you can do what you like. Consider "yourself" as your favourite charity. YOU are the most deserving cause, so help yourself. Consider your own plight to be as bad as anyone elses, but getting worse,....until your debts have faded away.

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