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Time to X-Ray your finances

The radiologist will see you now

Fill out the private form below and process to generate your own fun financial healthcheck. Don't worry, it will not get sent to anyone, its just a bit of fun.

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Question 1:

Apart from your outstanding mortgage, how much do you owe in total?

Question 2:

...On the other hand, how much have you got saved, in total?

Question 3:

When you take away all your direct debits, standing orders, regular payments, utility bills and monthly food bill from your monthly salary, how much is left?

Question 4:

How many cigarettes do you smoke each day?

Question 5:

How do you get around, generally?

Question 6:

Whats your average total monthly telephone bill?

Question 7:

Lifestyle: How often do you hit the town and get plastered, each month?

Question 8:

Gambling...I bet you can't give it up. Which of these most applies to you?

Question 9:

Hey Big Spender...apart from the regular outgoings, how much do you get through each month?

Question 10:

How much do you spend on clothes, sports or hobbies per month?

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Hit the "Calculate" button below, and click the points bracket that applies to your score. We'll find out whats wrong with you!


-520 to -400 Points
-400 to -300 Points
-300 to -200 Points
-200 to -100 Points
-100 to Zero Points
Zero to +100 Points
+100 to +160 Points
+160 to +220 Points
Over 220 Points

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